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Want real time charting? Want to go avoid staying late to finish your charting?
We have the solution for you.

Premier Scribes, LLC is a physician-led organization that understands how time consuming medical charting has become. We help physicians get out of work on time, with completed, accurate and timely documentation that maximizes your ability to bill for the work you have already completed.

Physician-Led Company

Our management team are doctors just like you and have first-hand knowledge of what makes a valuable scribe and strive to provide that to other medical providers.

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Quality Training

We work hard to make sure we are
up-to-date on all the latest industry standards and best practices to ensure valuable training to our scribes.

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Proven Results

We help ensure a better relationship for you and your patients by creating more time to focus on providing high quality care through accurate, real-time documentation.

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Our goal is to help improve workflow of physicians by eliminating burdensome clerical work. We are proud of our work because we bring measurable value to providers. By understanding your specific needs we are able to improve workflow and increase the accuracy of documentation. Let us help you design a solution to your medical charting problems. Our rigorous training program and attentiveness to individual physician needs ensures physician satisfaction.

As the leading provider of medical scribes in Middle Tennessee, Premier Scribes will improve physician satisfaction, efficiency, patient satisfaction, reimbursement, and productivity.